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  • Interviews – Modern Hetaera
    This post shall serve as a hub for recent interviews I did, in case you missed the one or other, are not on the same social media channels as I, or are […]
  • Modern Hetaera Class at The Blackthorne School
    I am quite excited to share these news with those of you who are not regularly on social media and have not yet seen it: I’ll be teaching a class at The […]
  • The Gnostic Teacher
    Exoteric elements vs. the esoteric core of the Master-Disciple-relationship in the Kosmic Gnosis I took a substantial break from this blog to focus on other matters at hand as well as reevaluating […]
  • The Path Taken
    Ritual Initiation, Gnostic Masters and Esoteric Dependence Seals in my hands, I will descend; Through Æons universal will I make a Path; Through Mysteries all I’ll open up a Way! And Forms […]
  • I am my own Master
    Common misconceptions on the esoteric teacher-student-relationship Maturity cannot be achieved alone. There is a need for guidance and discipline. The path is unknown, the night is dark, and the road is full […]
  • “Hurrah! The dead ride fast…”
    Integrating the dead in life If you know your Dracula you might be familiar with the phrase “for the dead travel fast” (also since it has found its way into popular cinematic […]
  • The Beauty of Transience: erect Altars to Mortality
    Oh to die, to die, God! … Into the seas I want to dive, over-raptured with purple, Dissolve into light, dissolve into fragrance, Waft as a wave in the All’s stream. Because […]
  • You must come naked: Revealing Truth
    One can fight for life, fight against the grey unliving armies, the armies of greedy ones and bossy ones, and the myriad hosts of the clutching and the self-important. Fight one does […]
  • This Daemon Life
    At the moment social media gets flooded with posts about how damaged nature is recovering because of so many countries being on Corona lock-down. I am always wondering what such posts are […]
  • My new friend Hekate
    A short musing about the contemporary ‘humanization’ of deities in esotericism Admittedly, I only use ‘Hekate’ in the title as she seems particularly popular these days. So please go ahead and replace […]
  • Noli me tangere – touch me not?
    After last week’s post on the esotericism of the crucifixion and resurrection, I’d like to share a few thoughts on the more Magdalene-focused scene in John 20, after the resurrection. The so […]
  • Nailed to the Cross
    Krist, Death and Resurrection Breathe easy, my friends…but yes, I am referring here to the cross as a Christian symbol and I am aware that many occultists, neo-pagans, esotericists etc. have a […]
  • Ek-Stasis
    A short note on the function of ritual ecstasy While the term ‘ecstasy’ is almost always defined as ‘outside-of-oneself’, the concept has received a range of meanings and connotations throughout its use […]
  • Solitude and Independence
    A time in which many of us are forced to physical isolation lends itself naturally to a brief pondering of ‘solitude’ on the Gnostic’s path. Now when I say ‘solitude’ I mean […]
  • ‘Hate your life’
    The cost of being an initiate I am not asking you to get suicidal. Although, the title to this piece is actually based on the rather life-hostile Bible. Yes, I will refer […]
  • The Path of Sexual Pleasure
    The Hetaera as Fusion of Virgin and Whore It was at the end of the 19th century when Fanny zu Reventlow hoped for the return of Hetaerism (compare my initial post on […]
  • “Every man is an abyss”
    The mental state of the occult(ist) “Every man is an abyss; you get dizzy looking in” Woyzeck I went to see Woyzeck the other day. In case you do not know it, […]
  • Modern Pagan Hetaerism
    Woman-as-Hetaera in the Kosmic Gnosis (Initial Musings) This post serves as an intro to this whole website / blog since “modern hetaerism” or “becoming a pagan hetaera” shall be my guiding principle. […]
  • Rebel against “God” – Be Lilith… AND Eve
    While it has been around for some years, I’ve come across the slogan “Always be Lilith, never Eve” several times quite recently and it had me wonder why I still do not […]
  • Why a blog?
    Some of my thoughts and intent behind starting / writing this blog. If you are wondering what this is all about, please read.