Some of my thoughts and intent behind starting / writing this blog. If you are wondering what this is all about, please read.

To blog or not to blog…? While Shakespeare’s Hamlet had a real existential crisis when he asked whether to be or not, I certainly do not think ‘blogging’ to be a question of life and death. However, it became an important question of yes or no to me that touches on the pretty essential “why do we do what we do”.

There was a time when writing came quite easy to me and I enjoyed it a lot. I still do. But these days it takes more effort – especially in the beginning when staring on the white paper/screen (we’ve all been there), wondering whether I can turn the chaos of mind into some structure, whether it is too much information or not enough, whether this might be relevant at all…. To top it off, there are also apps evaluating your writing while you type, telling you that your vocabulary is too difficult, your sentences too long, too much passive voice – help?! To be or not to be just one more voice in the vast cacophony of the internet leans very much towards “no, thank you”.

But when I actually start writing, and ignore this initial obstacle of the skeptic in my head (or on my screen), I experience the flow (not always, mind you), and sometimes I surprise myself by getting something out there that I did not even know I had in me. In the midst of writing, suddenly new thoughts occur, new insights, new soul-glimpses. And while you might not share in each of these or even none at all, I realize it does not matter, because I might not be writing this for you but me.

We all need a room of one’s own (to paraphrase Virginia Woolf). Where we experiment. And experience. And express ourselves. Where we find our Soul. And in this way, my blog is for me and a lot of it will probably be short and unrefined musings, collections of thoughts, inspiration, art etc. But at the same time I have decided to make it a public endeavor. So my blog will be that part of my room that I invite you to. Where I share some of my experiences and expressions with you. And the main reason behind this is that I see the path I am on as valuable for you/others.

I do not think that the current I am working with, or the occult in general, is suited for everybody, and it is a necessity to not share everything publicly (it’s called ‘occult’ for a reason). But as I expressed in my post on modern pagan hetaerism already, our daily life needs to become an expression of our Gnostic life, and the attitude towards life, the values of a Kosmic Gnostic, as well as their approach towards magical work and so on may hold inspiration and positive examples for many that are still open to it. Thus, it can hopefully influence at least a few strong characters (and souls) to become even stronger. In this way, my blog is for everybody out there who can take some inspiration from it.

Last but not least, it is especially also meant for those who are interested in this path but have not yet dared to set foot on it completely as well as for those that are already on it. In my talk at the Occulture Conference in Berlin (see here), I compared the Kosmic Gnostic groups to strongholds of the pandaemonic All, of kosmic Life, and I also think that each of us has to erect such a stronghold in and out of our daily life. While my blog cannot serve as a complete example, it will hopefully provide some glimpses of that and give you more insight into this current and/or inspiration for your own work of stronghold-building.

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