I am quite excited to share these news with those of you who are not regularly on social media and have not yet seen it: I’ll be teaching a class at The Blackthorne School called “Modern Hetaera: Paganism, Eros, Magic” and it starts on November 29, 2021 so you can still sign up!

Modern Hetaera: Paganism, Eros, Magic

Join us in a celebration of Life and Eros! Explore a distinct pagan world experience centered around erotic connections. Instructor Jessica Grote will introduce you to the animistic worldview and magical practice of the Kosmic Modern Hetaera, which can enhance your existing path or form a holistic approach of its own. From body and dream work over ancestor veneration to erotic magic and sacred sexuality: This 8-week class will enable you to manifest your hetaera persona, merge your magical and mundane lives, integrate sexuality and eroticism in your magical work, and much more.

About the Class

Ancient Greek hetairai / hetaerae, often equalized with courtesans, inspired writers, artists and magicians from ancient to modern times. While the course will briefly discuss ancient hetaerism to provide a common frame of reference and will also utilize elements of its culture, its main focus lies on our present times. We aim to embody and express the Hetaera in a contemporary pagan, animistic lifestyle that pays tribute to erotic love and sexuality without losing sight of ‘real life.’ Unconstrained by moral norms and expectations of mainstream and occult society both, the Modern Hetaera actualizes a self-determined way of living, loving, and enchanting (aka ‘doing magic’). Take this class to discover, reveal, or strengthen your own erotic core and to form subtle bonds with the magical world around you, which will gradually alter your mundane living.

The course is meant as a foundational class that can also stand on its own. So depending on your personal requirements and circumstances, you can either apply some of its elements to your own spiritual path and magical practice or you can work it as a path of its own. If needed, Jessica will help you figure out the best approach matching your situation, experience, and lifestyle.

There will be a 2-week-break from Dec 20 to Jan 2 so that you can either catch up on the contents of the first weeks or enjoy the holidays with your loved ones without stressing over homework. 😉 A propos homework: most assignments, exercises, and practices will not be obligatory but of course they are highly recommended to make the most out of this class – it is all about your experience after all!

Course Outline

Week 1 – Nov 29 to Dec 5:

Pleased to meet you: what’s it all about? Introduction – Ancient Hetaerism and the Kosmic Modern Hetaera; Paganism, Eros and Magic

Week 2 – Dec 6 to Dec 12:

“The body is the manifestation of the soul” – Body and Soul, ritual nudity, movement and postures

Week 3 – Dec 13 to 19:

The necessity of Death – Life and Death; the Dead, mortality, and ancestor veneration

Holiday Break – Dec 20 to Jan 2

Week 4 – Jan 3 to Jan 9:

Dream experience – Dream work and sleep  

Week 5 – Jan 10 to Jan 16:

The hetaera’s divine patronesses – Meet the Goddess(es); ritual and dedication, love spells, hymns and curses

Week 6 – Jan 17 to Jan 23:

May Eros reign – Ecstatic states and erotic magic; symbiotic occultism and esoteric love  

Week 7 – Jan 24 to Jan 30:

Enter the erotic kosmos – The path of sexual pleasure and sacred sexuality

Week 8 – Jan 31 to Feb 6:

Becoming Hetaera – Summing it all up, open questions, and future outlook

Questions & Answers

Do I have to attend online (live) events?

No. The video lectures are pre-recorded and will be uploaded weekly at The Blackthorne School – you can access them via your account and watch and rewatch (even after the course has finished) – so you can learn at your own pace and at the time that suits you best. All written materials will be available there, too, and you will also receive them via email or can access them also on facebook if you join the optional private group.

Do I have to finish studying all materials within the 8 weeks of the course?

No. You can study and practice at your own pace and take all the time you need, the materials will remain available to you.

Is the course limited to women or heterosexual people?

No. I welcome anybody who is curious about the topics outlined above and willing to engage with a tolerant mindset. Same goes for magical experience, religious background, esoteric affiliations and so on.

Where can I sign up?

Go here: https://www.theblackthorneschool.com/courses/hetaera/