Proof of Life

Dear friends,

it is high time to post an update… The pandemic lock-downs in 2020 allowed me to share musings on here, and while I strongly intended to keep this going during 2021, I overestimated my ability to quickly write posts that I am satisfied with enough to actually share them…. 😉 And then there is also always my work with Theion Publishing and within the Kosmic Gnosis, the latter not usually visible to the public eye, and last but not least personal life and its issues…

Towards the end of 2021, I successfully launched the first installment of my course “Modern Hetaera: Paganism, Eros, Magic” at The Blackthorne School  – this class is currently open for enrollment for its second round, more info here: . Afterwards I focused mainly on Theion Publishing, which is in its most productive year so far with many amazing titles still to come. However, I also did a few interviews (see my following post) and gave a presentation in the virtual part of the Australian Wiccan Conference a couple weeks ago, to be followed by the Occulture Conference in Berlin in October.

So I am slowly moving back to sharing my thoughts and practice and plan to experiment with formats and output some more over the coming months, focused particularly on Modern Hetaerism.

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With love,