Jessica Grote

Musings & Reflections

This Daemon Life

At the moment social media gets flooded with posts about how damaged nature is recovering because of so many countries being on Corona lock-down. I am always wondering what such posts are […]

My new friend Hekate

A short musing about the contemporary ‘humanization’ of deities in esotericism Admittedly, I only use ‘Hekate’ in the title as she seems particularly popular these days. So please go ahead and replace […]

Nailed to the Cross

Krist, Death and Resurrection Breathe easy, my friends…but yes, I am referring here to the cross as a Christian symbol and I am aware that many occultists, neo-pagans, esotericists etc. have a […]


A short note on the function of ritual ecstasy While the term ‘ecstasy’ is almost always defined as ‘outside-of-oneself’, the concept has received a range of meanings and connotations throughout its use […]